SAD (Stop Ardenvale Development) is an organisation of local residents set up to challenge the proposed development of a housing estate on the edge of new Groombridge. The estate would be on Green fields within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. SAD’s aim are to inform local residents of facts relating to proposals, planning issues and those involved, to conduct independent research on the impact on the environment and the community, and to act as a hub for everyone who has concerns about the development .

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A proposed development of 25 houses and associated infrastructure on a 00-acre site designated as an AONB on the eastern boundary of New Groombridge, bound by the old footpath of Back Lane and Lealands Close to the North, the Spa Valley Railway line on the stretch that runs below Groombridge Primary School, and Station and Eridge Roads to the South East.

The land is not yet sold. Property developers Earlswood Homes have a legal agreement with the owners to purchase the land subject to planning permission being granted.

Earlswood had pre-planning discussions with Wealden District Council in December 2020, and proceeded to name the site Ardenvale Green, to publish a colour brochure and host an online webinar with plans of the development.


What could happen?

‘Sometime in July’ 2021: Developers submit planning application and accompanying surveys to Wealden District Council, which will be published on [https://www.wealden.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning-advice/how-you-can-be-involved-in-the-planning-process/]. This is the consultation period, when comments, objections and appeals can be submitted to the website.

October/c.13 weeks later: Period of consultation ends. The planning application is put forward to the elected Planning Committee of the council.

2022: If planning permission is granted IN THEORY building could start in 2022’ and last for about 2 to 3 years’.